Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
alvarez ralph Director 23,416 View
Armitage, Robert Officer 97,063 View
baicker katherine Director 6,010 View
barnes melissa s Officer 4,076 View
Bischoff, Winfried Director 42,444 View
carmine bryce d. Officer 106,960 View
conterno enrique a Officer 90,655 View
crowe maria a Officer 33,487 View
deane frank m Officer 34,468 View
eskew michael l Director 25,583 View
Feldstein, PH.d., Martin s. Director 30,733 View
fry stephen f Officer 52,150 View
Fyrwald, J. Erik Director 44,327 View
Gilman, M.D., Ph.d., alfred g. Director 48,287 View
Hanish, Arnold C. Officer 17,611 View
harrington michael j Officer 31,308 View
hoover r david Director 26,114 View
Horn, PH.d., Karen n. Director 65,204 View
kaelin william g jr Director 4,689 View
Lechleiter, PH.d., John c. Officer 559,144 View
Lilly Endowment , Inc Beneficial Owner (10% or more) 133,340,804 View
lundberg jan m Officer 155,058 View
mahony susan Officer 63,405 View
Marram, Ellen R. Director 39,280 View
nobles anne Officer 28,627 View
oberhelman douglas r Director 19,861 View
peterson barton r Officer 59,649 View
Prendergast, M.D., Ph.d., franklyn g. Director 55,757 View
rice derica w Officer 59,157 View
ricks david a Officer 36,094 View
runge marschall s Director 947 View
Seifert, Kathi P. Director 54,041 View
simmons jeffrey n Officer 77,413 View
tai jackson p Director 32,445 View
tapiero jacques Officer 73,590 View
walsh fionnuala m Officer 54,274 View
zakrowski donald a Officer 6,569 View
zulueta alfonso g Officer 38,120 View

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